The Research Journey of Scientists – Accomplishment and Perseverance

Science education plays a significant role in students’ whole-person development.  Students are generally curious about the natural world and often put forward creative ideas to explain the phenomena that puzzle them.  In science education, they will be engaged in the study of natural phenomena around us through systematic observation and experimentation.  This enables students to think scientifically, and nurtures their perseverance when facing challenges and adversity.  With a concrete foundation of scientific knowledge and process skills, students are capable of understanding the inter-connections between science, technology, society and environment, and participating in public discourse about science-related issues.

“The Research Journey of Scientists – Accomplishment and Perseverance” is a series of video documentaries produced by the Science Education Section and the Curriculum Resources Section (Educational Television Unit) of Education Bureau.  Hong Kong is the breeding ground of many prominent scientists, who have contributed significantly in building up our research and development capability, and have played an important role in enhancing our science and technology excellence.  This video series aims at introducing students the significant contributions of some local scientists to the scientific and technological advancement at national and also international levels.  It also enables students to realise the attempts of scientists in the course of researches and even to go through the personal experience of scientists in their discoveries or inventions.  Through these authentic cases, students will understand how scientific knowledge is constructed, especially on how scientists come up with innovative ideas to solve real life problems for the benefits of mankind.  Besides, students will recognise how scientists pursue their explorations whole-heartedly and how scientific development is brought about from exchanges of ideas within the scientific community.  The understanding of these ideas facilitates students to realise the different facets of the nature of science.

The series includes the following video documentaries:

Professor Vivian YAM Wing Wah
Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy and Chair Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
The University of Hong Kong
Professor Samuel SUN Sai Ming
School of Life Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor LAM Hon Ming
School of Life Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chair Professor LUK Kwai Man, Chair Professor CHAN Chi Hou and Professor XUE Quan
Department of Electronic Engineering and
State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves
City University of Hong Kong