About us

“Architecture in Hong Kong: Teaching Kit for the Appreciation of Architecture in Secondary School Curriculum” is a series of learning and teaching resource materials developed by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), sponsored by the Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), with research support from the Community Project Workshop (CPW) under the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and advice from the Education Bureau (EDB).


  • To foster the creativity and critical thinking of senior secondary school students through understanding various aspects of architecture;
  • To enrich senior secondary school students with basic understanding of local architecture and hence, enhance their sense of belonging to the Hong Kong community, awareness of environmental and cultural conservation;
  • To facilitate the linkage between secondary and tertiary education in the fields of arts, science and technology of the built environment and act as the foundation knowledge for students’ career options in the architectural professions.

Contents of Teaching Aids

  • It is in line with the current New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum;
  • It covers various topics under four fields: Arts, Design and Applied Technology, Liberal Studies and Science;
  • The teaching materials include video clips, slideshows, case studies, project-based learning, group discussions and worksheets;
  • A series of workshops and training sessions would be arranged for teachers to assist them in creating a diverselearning experience for students.