Topic: Urban Heat Island
Teaching Notes

VIDEO: Urban Heat Island


Topic 08
Urban Heat Island

Major teaching areas

Physics: Chapter I Heat and Gases
  • Values and attitudes
  • STSE connections

Related teaching areas

Physics : Chapter VIII Energy and Use of Energy
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and transportation
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy
  • Values and attitudes
  • STSE connections

Integrated Science : Module E1 Energy, Weather and Air Quality
  • Energy use and air quality

Interdisciplinary teaching areas

Design and Technology
  • Value and Impact

Liberal Studies
  • Hong Kong Today
  • Value and Impact

Learning objectives

  • To understand the basic principles of Urban Heat Island (UHI) effects
  • To acknowledge reasons behind Urban Heat Island effects in relation to urban development
  • To recognize Government measures to minimize UHI effects
  • To suggest urban development solutions in response to UHI effects